The competition of the PSA in jeopardy – expert

Конкурс СРП под угрозой срыва - эксперт

For the first time in a long time was held 10 competitions on the conclusion of the agreement on production section (production of natural gas). The competitions were announced on 9 plots of land and 1 plot on the Black sea shelf. After the announcement of the winners appeared disgruntled among participants who did not win.About this in his blog wrote expert Andrey Zakrevsky, reports.

Company “Ukrnefteburenie” disputes the results of the competition in Zin’kivs’ke area, citing the illegality of the decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on approval of the tender conditions, allowing to participate in the tender legal entity specifically created for this under the guarantees of the parent company and providing information about the experience, technical, financial and other capabilities of the founder (the guarantor) of such legal entities. Although the Law about SRP it is not prohibited.

According to the expert, so structured absolutely all international oil and gas and not just business. “When you look at the PSA tenders ever conducted in Ukraine, including the latest, the majority of participants were SPE. Such majors as shell, Chevron, Exxon participated in the PSA tenders through its specially created companies. If we analyze the recent competitions (in Ukraine), specially created companies participated for everything, except “Ukrnefteburenie”, “Ukrgasdobycha” and “GPS kit”. Other participants were RA, including (DTEK Oil&Gas B. V. Overseas Trading and “Neftegazexpert”), “Zahidnaftoservis” (OOO VELL CO.), “Sigma blazer” and “the Aspect of energy” (Ukrainian Energy LLC), Ukraine Vermilion Exploration B. V., OOO Geoalyans Partnership, Geo Alliance Partnership B. V. And therefore, if the court cancels the results of the competition in Zin’kivs’ke area for this reason, all other competitions should be canceled, because the condition of participation SPE is present in all competitive conditions. More on the way 3 of the competition with the same conditions,” wrote the expert.

A huge area will be frozen at the time of the courts and not available for development. Goal to increase gas production and energy independence of Ukraine will be put off.

“Then, how do we get this story from the courts under the PSA – this is a story that will show the independence of the courts, and how Ukraine is ready to protect investors, is increasing production of the true priority of the state or personal interests is still the most expensive,” said Andrei Zakrevsky.