The computer system of border and customs control of the United States has failed

Компьютерная система пограничного и таможенного контроля США дала сбой

On Friday, August 16, the computer system of customs control and protection of the US border is out of order, causing inconvenience in airports in new York and Los Angeles.

Now the guards serve passengers manually, according to CNN.

“Computer system customs and border protection, the US does not work”, – informs CNN referring to the message on Twitter airport. JFK new York International airport Los Angeles.

In new York, added that this is a nationwide problem: “I Want to inform you that customs are faced with a nationwide failure.”

They explained that staff now serve passengers in “manual mode” until the system is restored.

However, Los Angeles reported no failure in all areas, but only asked the passengers to contact their own airlines for checking changes in the flight schedule.

The reasons for the failure are not reported.