The condition of the boy who was shot by the cops, very heavy – the baby’s grandmother.

Состояние мальчика, которого ранили копы, очень тяжелое - бабушка ребенка

State 5-year-old boy who was shot when he was walking near the house in Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi, very difficult.

About it told his grandmother.

“Doctors do not depart from him even for a second. They can’t say anything for half an hour and forward. A very serious condition in a child. We have not withstand,” – said Alexander Tleuova.

“We don’t know how much money you will need. As long as people do help: donate money, list. If God willing, it will be in rehabilitation for months. Needed some meds that weren’t in the hospital, you agreed to their transfer from another hospital here,” she added.

She also said that her grandson was brought to Kiev hospital on the evening of 1 June and almost immediately had surgery: “at 12 At night he was taken into surgery at 2:40, he had surgery to take out, and then only half an hour later the doctors came out to us. All they can say is only two words: “Very heavy.”

Concerning the involvement of police officers to the wounding of the child the woman said, “there Is a consequence. The head of our Department came to intensive care to us and said that they plead guilty, but they are so drunk that they don’t know who did it. They were unconscious drunk. Just having fun”.

“Definitely, they will sit. We don’t let them out on bail, or to even they were acquitted. Such an excuse. I can understand if the accident. But just to get drunk and do that….”, stressed Tleuova.

Operated child’s head of the hospital, but relatives were not he, but his assistant and a doctor from intensive care.

“They explain, but it’s scary. The skull was completely crushed. The bullet ricocheted, broke all the skull and lodged in the brain. It can’t reach it, probably, there will remain. Did a craniotomy, removed all the bones and all fully ovicidal. I understand that head is now open to strong edema was not” – said the grandmother of the injured boy.

We will remind, on may 31 in the intensive care unit of Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi CRB took the boy with closed craniocerebral injury, brain contusion, intracerebral hematoma and temporal bone fracture. In the hospital, the child found the bullet wound and sent to the hospital of Kiev.

Now the main version that the child accidentally shot by the police, who in a drunken state after hours was shot near the place where the boy walked. Both suspects were detained.

Investigators RRG investigate criminal proceedings on the fact of deliberate infliction of heavy bodily injuries 5-year-old boy.