The conflict between the Dynamo and the Ukraine: what happened

Конфликт между игроками "Динамо" и Михайличенко: что произошло

Kiev “Dynamo” after the appointment of Alexei Mikhailichenko for the position of head coach and failed to win a single match. In the first game Kiev played a draw with the outsider of the “Olympic”, and then missed the victory in the match with Zorya.

After the match against team from Lugansk appeared information that the players expressed their dissatisfaction with the Mickle. However, according to the leading of the program “Datoteke”, the conversation was, but only between players.

“The conversation was not with the coaching staff, but more among themselves. Sydorchuk on the rights of the captain started the conversation in the team. He was supported by Buyalsky. In General its all supported, the Legionnaires in particular. The team is not happy with what is happening – what they play, how they play. Noticed that the “Bay run”, load, mad. Before the match with Zorya were lifting barbells in the gym. And well, if it gave some result. And so it turns out that they are “injected” , they took the instruction of a trainer, but it doesn’t change anything, the command continue can’t win. And all this information that they had discussed, they passed through Yevtushenko to Mickle,” – said presenter Sergey Bolotnikov.

Конфликт между игроками "Динамо" и Михайличенко: что произошло

The Dynamo players during training

We will remind, “the Dynamo” not too successfully started the new season. Kiev failed to reach the group stage of the Champions League. After that, the post was dismissed Alyaksandr Khatskevich. In the championship the team played five matches, winning twice and two draws. In another match Dynamo lost to Shakhtar, and now occupies only the fifth place in the standings with 8 points. The gap from Shakhtar is ten points, but the people of Kiev have played a match less.