The conflict over the tent in Kharkov: is it legal it is installed and how to defend activists

Конфликт относительно палатки в Харькове: законно ли она установлена и как обороняют активисты

In Kharkov can force to remove a volunteer point around which for several days rage of passion. The city Council responded to the petition for the dismantling, however, activists are not going to concede. Organized a vigil, built a fence, and public utilities are not allowed.

Emergency equipment, police and a few hundred residents. Kharkov activists for several days round the clock near the volunteer tent in anticipation of attempts to demolish it.

When the morning at Liberty square came a dozen utility vehicles, citizens are not allowed to bring them to the fence to the tent. They allegedly had to begin to repair communication. And people don’t believe, because repairs were not there 13 years.

There is a danger, therefore, the community doubts the sincerity of the controlled utilities Kernes. These actions will not be artificial, and will not be an artificial reason for dismantling the tent,

– said the head of the NGO anti-corruption unit of the ATO participants Anton Sosnitsky.

The conflict around the tent erupted after the petition with the request to carry it. Which was allegedly supported by more than seven thousand citizens. The author has asked city officials to remove a volunteer point on the Freedom square. The tent called “dirty adorable”. Despite the fact that part of the Kharkiv he has long been a symbol of strength of the country.

“It is from this place, where there is a tent, in 2013, the assault began, in which there regional administration hoisted the Russian tricolor. We don’t want this. So we are all five years. Not supposed to leave until the last occupier will not leave the Ukrainian land”, – said the activist Boris Redin.

The petition, publicly supported by the mayor of Kharkiv. Gennady Kernes promised that the fate of the tents will decide on the Executive Committee. Prepare the draft of forced removal. Insist that the tent is set up illegally and is a threat to pedestrians.

The current legislation does not accommodate tents or any other structures to picket

– added the Director of the Department of information of the city Council of Kharkov Yuri Sidorenko.

The police say that the tent is part of the officially registered protests. Activists of the Kharkiv Euromaidan in the fall of 2014 filed the first application for this event, and then all the time it was extended.

The activists appealed to the city Council in 2018. They have the appeal and the permission for the action from January 1 to December 31, 2019. To ban this protest is only the court

– said the police chief of Kharkiv region Valery Sokurenko.

Now the tent itself has become a centre for the collection of signatures in support of two petitions. One against the return of the Kharkov prospect Grigorenko names of Soviet Marshal Zhukov. This issue promised to bring to a vote the mayor Kernes. The second is to protect the volunteer.

“It’s important for me, because I fought for it. This tent is very many pictures of my brothers who died and who are still alive. And we fought for that there was a peaceful sky and Ukraine”, – said the military ATO Vitaly.

Meanwhile, around the controversial tents already built a makeshift fence. The townspeople are in a tent tea and water, leave phone numbers to call in case of attempts to carry her.

The inspection confirmed that communications under the tent in need of repair, but not sharp. The activists are asking to postpone work for a month, so as not to politicize the process.

Конфликт относительно палатки в Харькове: законно ли она установлена и как обороняют активисты

Конфликт относительно палатки в Харькове: законно ли она установлена и как обороняют активисты