The confrontation escalates: the lack of Intel, AMD increases share of the market

Противостояние обостряется: нехватка процессоров Intel увеличивает долю AMD на рынке

Despite attempts by Intel to increase the production of 14-nanometer processors to the required level, the manufacturer is still unable to cope with the number of orders. Most of all it harms the supply of laptop chips, Core i5 and Core i3, as well as the budget versions on platforms Apollo Lake Gemini and Lake.

The essence of the problem. As reported by Overclockers, Lenovo in the second half of 2018 did not get a few hundred thousand CPU designed for laptops entry level. Among the victims was even Apple, which did not have enough 14-nm CPU Amber Lake-Y for the new MacBook Air.

Previously predicted that the problem with the lack of Intel will help the seasonal drop in sales, but the deficit, though not as pronounced, is observed to this day.

According to estimates of Taiwan journalists, in the first quarter of laptop manufacturers will miss 2-3% CPU ordered. Completely, this problem should happen only in the third quarter, when the new production line, thanks to which Intel will increase the production of 14-nm products once a quarter.


How does this affect AMD? In an effort to solve the shortage of processors own a lot of vendors are increasingly paying attention to the hybrid chips AMD Ryzen. Indirect evidence for this is the message of the imminent gaming notebook that combines a 12-nm APU Ryzen 3000 and graphics accelerators NVIDIA GeForce generation of Turing.

If in the last quarter of 2017 only 6.9% of sold laptops equipped with AMD processors in the fourth quarter of 2018, this figure rose to 12.1%. According to preliminary estimates, by the end of the current quarter the “red” will be able to take 15.8 percent of the market, and by mid-year, their share will increase to 18%.

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