The confrontation in Bitmain: the former CEO has suspended the supply ASIC

Противостояние в Bitmain: бывший генеральный директор приостановил поставки ASIC

Supply of Bitmain products in Shenzhen was stopped because of Mikri Jean (Zhan Micree), previously dismissed from the post of the General Director of the company, resumed a senior position in the office of the company in Beijing, and forbidden to ship mining installation.

After Jean in the company of hired guards seized the representation of a subsidiary Bitmain in Beijing, and declared himself the official head, he blocked the delivery of products Bitmain factory in Shenzhen. About the incident told Сointelegraph.

According to sources, the Chinese edition BlockBeats, Jean issued an order forbidding workers to deliver products to customers Bitmain. The reason for this remains unclear.

It seems that Jean took an official representation of the subsidiaries in mainland China Bitmain, which officially belongs to the company under the control of Wu Jihan (Jihan Wu).

In the statement of Jihan Wu on June 9 said that the situation is under control. Co-founder said that they solve the situation with the help of legal representatives, citing the uncertain damages caused by Jean.

The statement also says that all damages incurred by employees, will be compensated for by Bitmain. The company’s CEO urged them to “work together to protect Bitmain”.

This statement demonstrates a long-standing feud between Jean and Wu, who strive to enlist the support of employees.

The confrontation between Jean and Wu began in October 2019, when Wu said that came out of Bitmain to “save the ship”.

Jean argued that it was done illegally, and then began a long struggle for control of a company through lawsuits.

The situation deteriorated for UW in may, after there were reports that in Beijing, a fight broke out over the official seal of the company. Various reports suggest that it was a rather hot dispute, rather than an outright fight.

In late may, Bitmain released a statement, which simply confirmed the removal of the Jean, where it was suggested that the situation was not so safe as it seemed.

Last June’s events show that the position of the Jean was strengthened when he resorted to force, and now, I think he’s got enough control to at least partially disrupt the activities of Bitmain, which worked fine.

As reported Coinews, despite the fact that some miner cryptocurrency supposedly out due to unprofitability, Chinese minimovie giant Bitmain continues to produce not only new products but also improving some of its older flagship devices.

Raise Coinews wrote that the network Ethereum is preparing for a change of the Protocol and transition to consensus as a proof-of-stake (PoS), some devices for mining probably soon will not support mining ETH.

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