“The consequences will be serious!” Turkey has had problems with the United States because of Russia

''Последствия будут серьезными!'' У Турции возникли проблемы с США из-за России

The Ministry of defence of the USA has warned Turkey that in the case of purchases from Russia is antiaircraft-rocket complexes With-400 it will face serious problems.

According to the German newspaper DW, the American media noted, this is the first time when the Pentagon is particularly threatening to withdraw Turkey’s F-35, if it will acquire the Russian s-400.

“If Turkey will take s-400, the consequences will be serious. Ankara will not get the F-35 fighter jets and anti-aircraft missile complexes Patriot. Military US relations with Ankara would be undermined”, – told reporters the official representative of the Pentagon Charles summers on Friday, March 8.

Turkey, along with several other countries for a long time involved in the development of the F-35, but can’t get these planes from-for disagreement of some us congressmen on the background of deteriorating relations between Washington and Ankara in some areas. Currently, the Turkish pilots are trained to fly the F-35 for the U.S. air force base in Arizona.

Turkey so far has taken a tough stance in the question of the purchase of s-400 from Russia, stressing that the topic of purchase of Russian air defense system and the American Patriot are not connected. Under the deal, Turkey will receive from Russia four divisions of s-400 for $ 2.5 billion.