The consolidation of the course in NATO and the EU in the Constitution does not reduce the threat of armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine – expert

Закрепление курса в НАТО и ЕС в Конституции не снижает угрозу вооруженной агрессии РФ против Украины - эксперт

The consolidation of the course in NATO and the EU in the basic law of the country in no way reduces the threat of escalation of large-scale armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

In addition to intensive military reform, Ukraine should return to the project to create its own nuclear weapons deterrent. In spite of the media noise about the project “Neptune”, “Alder” and “Verba”, none of them creates any strategic or tactical advantage in a military confrontation with potential enemy given that the enemy, by 2020, plans to establish a ground-based version of the complex “Caliber”.

About this in his article for ZN.UA says Dmitri Mendeleev. In his opinion, it’s time to revive launched in 2006 the project “Sapsan” to create a multifunctional missile complex.

“Or the current government is afraid that this project was initiated by the then Minister of defence Anatoly Gritsenko? With this approach, you can stop all the other projects, because most modern weapons, arriving now in the Armed forces, was conceived in the framework of the Program of development of the army 2006-2011.

In addition, Ukraine should already find an asymmetric response to a military threat that can be most effective and not too expensive, because war always costs much more expensive. For the initial phase of this project would be quite enough “kobalevskogo” billion”, – the expert emphasizes.