The construction of “Nord stream-2” is already two months detained… cod

Строительство «Северного потока-2» уже на два месяца задержала... треска

Russian truboukladchiki for two months can not resume in Danish waters the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”, which aims to link Russia and Germany.

The reason it’s called the cod-spawning.

In this regard, the Danish authorities have banned any construction work in the area of Bornholm, gave TV and radio NDR.

As explained on Friday, 24 July, the newspaper Die Neue Z?rcher Zeitung, they can be renewed only after the end of this period – roughly, in September, writes DW.

Russian laying vessel “Akademik Chersky” came from Finds in the German port of Mukran on the island of rügen in may. Due to the fact that work is being done in an area where during the Second world war was sunk plenty of ammunition, the ship required a special permit, since the work is only possible with the anchoring. In early July, the Danish authorities approved the completion of the project with anchor positioning, however, to proceed with the construction of “Academician Chersky” failed – this time on environmental grounds.

The second pipe layer “Fortuna”, which Denmark was allowed to finish the construction “Nord stream – 2”, July 9, left for loading in the German port of Rostock (land Mecklenburg – Vorpommern). Through Danish waters to the South-East of the island of Bornholm must be built to last 120 km of the pipeline.