The construction of skyscrapers in Japan will take the robot dog

Creator of unusual “Pets” is ready to sign a contract for cooperation with large construction companies, in commercial purposes.

Строительством небоскребов в Японии займутся роботы-собаки

To help in the construction of “towers of skyscrapers” and the observation of the workforce in the near future, the robot-dog Spot. The fact is that the country of the rising sun and nanotechnologies do not have enough builders.

The solution to the problem of employment offered by Boston Dynamics — manufacturer of walking quadruped. According to CNBC, the following year the American company SoftBank is ready to release about a hundred robotic dog Spot for assisting in construction.

Developed by Boston Dynamics says that the robot it is possible to configure almost any type of work, because the robot is programmed for the most part perform manual work. Four-legged robot can easily bring building materials and tools, as well as to monitor the progress of work performed.

The most difficult function for the robot was navigating construction sites of different configurations and work at height together with people. Spot well-versed on the ground and to fulfil work is not difficult, according to the manufacturers of the robot. The advantage of such robots is that they unlike men can work in the area of radiation and chemical contamination.

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