The controversial model ran on the finish of the ski slopes with a poster of Kobe Bryant – video

The controversial Kinsey model volon decided again to remind myself. This time she used the death of Kobe Bryant.

Recall, Kinsey volon became known after ran onto the field during the Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool in 2019. The number of subscribers to the model that posed for Maxim magazine and Sports Illustrated, after the famous race across the field, “Wanda Metropolitan” more than doubled – from 300 thousand to 600. However, Instagram has blocked her profile. However, later it managed to recover.

This time Kinsey volon ran in a swimsuit at the finish line during a world Cup stage on mountain skiing in the Austrian Schladming. In hands it held the poster with the inscription “RIP Kobe”.

Скандальная модель выбежала на финиш горнолыжной трассы с плакатом о Коби Брайанте – видео

Скандальная модель выбежала на финиш горнолыжной трассы с плакатом о Коби Брайанте – видео

Model Kinsey volon a poster in memory of Kobe Bryant (Photo: EPA)

Thus ran the girl with the poster during the finish of the Italian skier Alex Vinatzer.

Both died of Kobe Bryant

  • Legendary basketball player killed in the crash of his helicopter caught fire and went down. The incident occurred near Los Angeles, namely, near Kalabas the morning of January 26 local time.
  • All nine people aboard an aircraft, was killed. Among them, and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna. In addition, on Board were her partner on the basketball team of Alissa Altobelli, her father John (coach, baseball) and mother Kerry. Not survived and the pilot of the helicopter. They all flew to the game.
  • Media reports that the accident occurred 25 minutes into the flight, before that, at an altitude of 500 meters with a car lost contact. The Federal aviation administration, for its part, reported that the accident occurred under “unknown circumstances”. Among the probable causes of the accident referred to bad visibility, because the Los Angeles and its suburbs covered the fog, which resulted in a delay of dozens of flights. The investigation of the incident is now dealt with by the authorities. Published conversation between the pilot and Manager.
  • On the day of the death of Bryant all the matches started with a minute of silence. Some basketball players did not play the ball within 24 seconds. This room was made by Bryant for the Lakers.
  • In the latest tweet the Bryant congratulated LeBron James, who broke his record in the NBA. Himself LeBron cried when I found out about his death.
  • Time magazine dedicated a cover to the dead one to Kobe Bryant. And around the Los Angeles graffiti in his honor. Also continues to collect signatures to place the image of Bryant on the NBA logo.