The coordinator of the network “OPORA”: Khmelnitsky Governor kills the rating Poroshenko

Координатор сети "Опора": Хмельницкий губернатор убивает рейтинг Порошенко

The head of Khmelnytskyi regional state administration Vadim Lozovoy on meetings with voters “kills” the rating of the current President Petro Poroshenko, said on March 15 in Facebook the coordinator of the election monitoring in Khmelnytskyi region from the civil network “OPORA” Andrew Popik.

“Medical Fuckers! Or as Khmelnitsky “Governor” kills the rating of Poroshenko. This morning during working hours was pogoreli regional physicians in the conference room of the regional hospital, to remind them who to vote for in the election. Chairman of the Khmelnytskyi oblast state administration carefully told what they should think at the polling stations, that is not necessary now to change the course of reforms, and that it is necessary to get acquainted with the program of the incumbent. People came out from the hall and talked among themselves, that they are considered fools. Said he collected their phone calls – was told to come to the meeting today. It was funny when “the Governor” happily announced that the salary of a doctor is now at least 14 000 UAH, and from the hall were heard cries: and 3500 don’t want to?” – the activist wrote.

He added that the Chairman of the governors he represents the current government in 2015, but is outraged that the hospital has no lighting, and the area abandoned.

“It’s kind of his responsibility for the situation in the region, – said Popik. – On the one hand it is sad that in 2019 that such coercive campaign events still occur, even with the participation of leaders of the region. But warms the soul, the reaction of people in them, it causes disgust and hatred to the candidate and his team. And what I heard today, among the doctors talking in the hall and exit from it, confirmed in me the idea: people react negatively to that kind of cheating forced agitation”.

On 11 March, the analyst Vasily Makarov said that the administration of the President, dissatisfied with the level of support for Poroshenko in the Khmelnitsky region, he is going to dismiss from office the head of Khmelnitsky regional state administration, and also to send to the region, “curator, which will in a short time to rectify the situation”.