The coronavirus has already killed more than 1,000 people: what is happening

Коронавирус уже убил более 1000 человек: что сейчас происходит

Chinese coronavirus continues to take lives. According to recent medical data, as of the morning of February 11 have died 1018 people (per day, this figure rose to 108 people). The number of infected is 43 112 people (40 546 the day before). Hospital discharged 4099 person (3380). While there is a positive trend: the number of survivors increases faster than the number of deaths.

“Apostrophe” has collected the latest details about what is happening in the world.

Over the past few days, the virus spread to new countries. Now the cases recorded in 28 countries.

Online resources with relevant information

To monitor the situation with reference to the world map you can use a number of convenient resources, in particular two us.

link. It uses information from the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the USA and the world health organization.

(link). The map tracks outbreaks of the virus with the use of “artificial intelligence” that monitors messages on news sites and social networks, making this data card. It is, according to the authors, may be useful for health workers.

In addition, since the epidemic started a separate website (link) that displays basic information about the spread of the virus.

There is also a Google map that displays and continuously updates information about the coronavirus.

Features of the disease

The incubation period of the coronavirus can be 14 days, as previously thought, and 24 days. This was told by Dr. Michael Ryan, head of the world health organization for emergency situations.

Based on this, who is planning to change the recommendations for the duration of quarantine for people in contact with infected.

Coronavirus and Ukrainians

Two citizens of Ukraine February 10, was hospitalized with an infection with a coronavirus aboard the Diamond Princess in a Japanese hospital. Ukrainians worked in the kitchen of a cruise ship.

Health Minister Zoryana Skaletska said that today in Ukraine, 5 people asked for help due to suspicion of a coronavirus: “”.

Doctors are constantly monitoring people who flew in from China.

Tracing contacts with infected

The Chinese authorities have launched an app Detector “close contact”, which helps to verify human contact with the patient. The application should register by phone and obtain an identification code. After this “detector” shows contact people with someone infected.

If the application defines a person as at risk of becoming infected, it is recommended to stay at home and contact the local hospital. Each registered phone can check the status of three other users.

By “close contact” is understood that the man had contact with the sick in any form without effective protection. The app will be helpful for medical personnel who care for the sick.

The impact of the epidemic on the economy

  • The outbreak at the maximum collapse of oil prices by 17%. Such influence on resource prices have not been provided neither bird flu nor swine flu in 2009. Stronger oil prices beat only SARS in 2003. Also lowered prices for industrial metals and energy.
  • Representatives of the company Nissan Motor has announced that this week will temporarily stop car production at its plant in the southwestern part of Japan due to disruptions in supply of necessary parts from China.
  • In the National hockey League are scarce due to the disruption of the supply of Golf clubs. 75% of League players use sticks that are made in China.
  • Chinese companies have requested more than $8 billion of credit resources from local banks to mitigate the effects of outbreaks of coronavirus. For example, Xiaomi requests a loan for approximately $716 million.
  • The Russian tourist industry, trade and museums suffer losses due to the reduction in the flow of tourists from China. Two local banks argue that the spending of Chinese in Russia in the first days of February decreased by 30%.