The coronavirus has infected more than 1 million people: what happens in Ukraine and abroad (updated)

Коронавирус заразил более 1 миллиона человек: что происходит в Украине и мире (обновляется)

Deadly coronavirus continues to attack countries around the world have killed more than 53 thousand people. The number of infected overcame the devil in a million people and continues to grow rapidly. The leaders in deaths from COVID-19 continue to be European countries – Italy, Spain and France.

In Ukraine, the mortality rate of coronavirus is around 2.5%, and in the world 5% of the total. “Apostrophe” is following everything that is happening in Ukraine and the world.

12:34 How to change the map of the disease in Kiev. Confirmed cases were added in the following areas:

  • Goloseevsky area +2
  • Darnitskiy district +4
  • Desnyanskiy district 2
  • Dniprovskyi district +1
  • Obolonskyi district 2
  • Pechersk district +1
  • Podil’s’kyi district +1
  • Solomenskiy district +5
  • SHEVCHENKIVS’kyi district +10

Коронавирус заразил более 1 миллиона человек: что происходит в Украине и мире (обновляется)

12:28 the Ministry of foreign Affairs to foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine appealed 13 787 Ukrainians. 8 538 insist on return to the country as soon as possible. 140 Ukrainians, remaining abroad, there are problems with housing.

In Spain due to the interaction with the Church has managed to accommodate a group of Ukrainians on the territory of the monastery.

11:53 In Kiev identified hospital database to receive the “second wave” of patients with suspected coronavirus:

  • Alexander hospital (redevelopment of other buildings);
  • City clinical hospital №3;
  • City clinical hospital №4 (conversion of units);
  • City clinical hospital №5;
  • City clinical hospital №6;
  • City clinical hospital No. 8;
  • City clinical hospital №10;
  • City clinical hospital №17.

“Now we are working on equipment of offices and means of individual protection for the medical staff of the hospitals and the first and second waves. While on the first line of work previously defined hospital”, – said the first Deputy Chairman of the KSCA Nicholas Poworoznik.

11:21 In Spain until the end of the month you can develop a prototype vaccine against a coronavirus.

“”- said Minister of science of Spain, Pedro Duque.

11:03 the results of the briefing of the Ministry of health of Ukraine:

  • More in just a day recorded cases: Transcarpathia — 23 case, Chernivtsi region — 28 cases, Kiev — 20 cases.
  • A ventilator in Ukraine connected 16 people.
  • Today will be published the new regulation on quarantine.
  • Coming tomorrow 12 amplifiers for PCR diagnostics. They will be sent to the regions that need it.

10:34 In USA registered 1169 deaths from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. This is the highest rate of mortality in one day, recorded in the world since the beginning of the pandemic.

10:01 In the Ternopil region died 57 – year-old woman from the village of Kozova. The patient had pneumonia, diagnosed with coronavirus. Anyone from abroad, she had no contact.

According to the health Ministry, as of 10:00 in Ukraine 942 laboratory confirmed cases COVID-19, 23 of them fatal, 19 patients recovered. During the day there were 138 new cases.

Now coronavirus disease discovered:

  • Vinnyts’ka oblast – 61;
  • Volyn oblast – 10 cases;
  • Dnipropetrovsk oblast – 12 cases;
  • Donetsk region – 8 cases;
  • Zhytomyr region – 6 cases;
  • Zakarpatska oblast – 24 case;
  • Zaporozhye region – 22 case;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk oblast – 81 case;
  • Kirovograd area – 15 cases;
  • Kiev – 180 cases;
  • Kyiv oblast – 70 cases;
  • Lviv region – 13 cases;
  • Lugansk region – 3 cases;
  • Odessa region – 20 cases;
  • Poltavs’ka oblast – 5 cases;
  • Rivne oblast – 25 cases;
  • Sums’ka oblast – 30 cases;
  • Ternopil oblast – 114 cases;
  • Kharkiv region – 1 case;
  • Kherson region – 4 cases;
  • Khmelnytsky region – 7 cases;
  • Chernivtsi region – 171 case;
  • Cherkasy region – 55 cases;
  • Chernihiv region – 5 cases.

Коронавирус заразил более 1 миллиона человек: что происходит в Украине и мире (обновляется)

09:20 Ramzan Kadyrov imposed a curfew in Chechnya. With 3 APR in all settlements of the Republic from 20:00 to 08:00 and prohibited the movement of pedestrians and vehicles. From April 5 to close the entrance to Chechnya of all types of transport.

09:17 New York. On the usually bustling times Square was almost empty.

As of 09:00 in the world 1 016 401 people infected with the coronavirus. Of them died 53 160. Recovered – 211 775.

Коронавирус заразил более 1 миллиона человек: что происходит в Украине и мире (обновляется)

08:45 At the entrance to Vinnitsa going to turn.

Коронавирус заразил более 1 миллиона человек: что происходит в Украине и мире (обновляется)

08:23 Today 12:00 Chernivtsi region will be closed for entry and exit of private vehicles. The exception would be cargo and transit transport, and transport agencies that provide the livelihoods of the region. Also the check-in area will be allowed to transport citizens who are registered in Chernivtsi region, living in it and return to the place of permanent residence.

08:17 the foreign Ministry said that overseas hospitals with a diagnosis of “coronavirus” there are 34 of the citizen of Ukraine: in Austria 3, Belgium 1, great Britain and Northern Ireland 1 Dominican Republic — 4, Poland — 4, Italy 5, Spain 1, UAE — 2, Seychelles — 1, Netherlands — 1, USA — 1, Nigeria — 2, Serbia — 1, Germany 4, Sweden — 1.

10 Ukrainians abroad recovered: Italy — 2, UAE — 1, Poland — 2, Germany — 1, Japan — 4.

4 Ukrainians abroad died.

08:04 by Scientists from Oxford University believe that in Ukraine for 12 986 people can be infected with coronavirus Covid-19. The study is based on the statistics of cases of morbidity and death in the UK and Italy.

The figures published on 31 March. Officially in Ukraine on 31 March it was 618 people sick with mers. Scientists have modeled the situation taking into account the fact that the country has 45 million people.

Коронавирус заразил более 1 миллиона человек: что происходит в Украине и мире (обновляется)

07:58 the UN General Assembly adopted a Resolution on global solidarity in the fight against coronavirus.

The document reaffirms the commitment to international cooperation and the UN’s Central role in the global response to the pandemic. It stresses the need to respect all human rights, prevent discrimination and xenophobia. In addition, the document calls on the international community to share information, scientific knowledge and achievements to combat coronavirus.

The Kremlin offered its own version of the resolution, which included the start of the process the lifting of international sanctions for Russian aggression against Ukraine.

07:40 New Orleans became the “epicenter” of deaths from the coronavirus in the United States due to overweight residents. A measure of the number who died here from COVID-19 of 29.5 per 100 thousand people, which is three times higher than the values recorded in new York (10,8). Doctors explain this result by a combination of factors, especially the prevalence of obesity among residents, as well as related diseases – diabetes and hypertension.

Currently in New Orleans are overweight suffer 36% of the population, despite the fact that 39% diagnosed high blood pressure, and 15% have diabetes.

07:02 On Ukraine-controlled part of Donetsk region confirmed the eighth case of coronavirus. This 46-year-old resident of Mariupol, which came in contact with other sick people in the city.

06:30 According to the latest data the total number of deaths from COVID-19 in the world is 53 069 people (statistics in real time you can follow the link).

Коронавирус заразил более 1 миллиона человек: что происходит в Украине и мире (обновляется)

Most of the deaths recorded in Italy – 13 915, Spain – 10 348, United States – 5 983 and France – 5 387. In China – 3 322 people. Just world 1 115 709 infected, recovered 211 409 people.

The countries with the most rapid spread of the coronavirus are the USA (245 213), Italy (115 of 242), Spain (112 065), Germany (84 794), China (82 443), France (59 929) and Iran (50 468).

In the Ukraine there were 897 cases of coronavirus disease. 22 fatal cases. 19 people were recovered.