The coronavirus has killed more than 100 thousand people: what happens in Ukraine and abroad (updated)

Коронавирус убил более 100 тыс. человек: что происходит в Украине и мире (обновляется)

Coronavirus COVID-19 continues to cost lives worldwide. At the current rate next week, the number infected with the disease will reach 2 million.

In connection with the worsening of the epidemiological situation in Ukraine, the number of regions introduces for the weekend hard cap, which in particular implies the closing of all grocery stores. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has published a plan of exit from the quarantine until July. “Apostrophe” was watching everything that happened in Ukraine on April 10.

07:30 In the Western regions of Ukraine can impose a curfew. This was stated by adviser to interior Minister Yuriy Tandit.

The proposal to impose a curfew currently have in the Carpathian region, partly in the Lviv, Volyn, Ternopil and Chernivtsi regions. A complete list of areas in the interior Ministry promised to make public today morning.

As of 07:00 the total number of deaths from the coronavirus in the world is 102 753 people (the statistics in real time you can follow the link).

Коронавирус убил более 100 тыс. человек: что происходит в Украине и мире (обновляется)

Most of the world’s deaths are recorded in Italy – 18 849 people, in Spain – 16 081, US – 18 758 and France – 13 197. China recorded 3 343 dead.

The countries with the most rapid spread of the coronavirus are the USA (501 419), Spain (158 of 273), Italy (147 577), France (125 931), Germany (122 of 171), China (83 003) and the UK (74 605).