The corpse of a young man found in Kyiv: the details of the mysterious tragedy

Труп молодого мужчины нашли в Киеве: детали загадочной трагедии

Tonight in the courtyard of a house in Kiev, found the body of a man

Police said that on the night of 9 February in the capital’s high-rise buildings, local residents discovered a terrible discovery.

So passersby found at street Paul Chubinsky, 10 in Kiev, near the benches lifeless body of a young man. People immediately called the police and medics on the scene.

Unfortunately, the doctors pronounced him dead men. It is known that external signs of violent death on the body of the deceased experts have not found:

“The locals do not know the deceased, it is not likely lived at the address. The man is 30-35 years old, his personality is not installed. The man is not homeless. There were patrol police, medical and investigative team. Details of the incident are investigated”, – is spoken in the message of the interior Ministry.

The tragedy occurred at about 21:20 on the street of Academician Efremov, 25 in Kiev.

Residents of an apartment building reported that under the balcony of the first floor of the mattress lit up. Arrived at the scene, where he discovered the charred body of a woman:

“The woman’s age could not be established. When it was not documents, and face badly burned. Previously, she was homeless and decided to spend the night under the balcony of a 16-storey building. What happened next is unknown. One of the versions of the investigation: the woman decided to smoke, but fell asleep,” – stated in the message of the SSES.

The accident happened with a Shuttle bus and a passenger car. According to preliminary data, killed three people.

In a press-service of the police of Kiev region reported that the victims were traveling in the “car”.

In addition, injuries of varying severity were got by four passengers of a Shuttle bus.

The witnesses of the event shocked.

Труп молодого мужчины нашли в Киеве: детали загадочной трагедии

Труп молодого мужчины нашли в Киеве: детали загадочной трагедии