The Cossacks have long to wait in the offices of specialists

Запорожцам приходится долго ждать под кабинетами узких специалистов

Doctors and patients have become hostages of the second stage of the reform of medicine in Ukraine

Since April 1, Ukraine started the second phase of health reform. Now the patient who needs to get to a specialist, should take the direction of your family doctor. From 1 July issued only electronic submission, as prescribed by the doctors in special Medical information system (MIS). Through it, health facilities can also maintain an electronic patient’s chart, to organize the online record to the doctor, maintain medical records. Only now almost all of Zaporozhye doctors name on this system.

System that now exists in Ukraine, can not withstand the load assigned to it, – has told “Industriale” the President of the Zaporozhye regional Association of organizers of health protection, Deputy of the regional Council Natalia Avramenko. The main load on the system is from 8.00 to 16.00 in Ukraine and she can not cope. Doctor for an hour and a half can not transfer information into the system. When a patient comes to the doctor, he should have e-Declaration. We start taking with what you’re looking for the Declaration in the network. If the system hangs, it is impossible to find. It often happens that the system does not work. Because of failures in the system doctors pay less attention to their patients. People have to wait for the doctor will issue electronic submission, will issue a referral to a specialist or to a hospital.

Among the information systems we work with doctors, eHealth. She was supposed to help patients to receive and doctors to provide quality medical services. But from the very beginning with this system the doctors in Zaporozhye region had a lot of problems. Not all medical facilities were ready technically, then they adapted, and now the system can not withstand the load. By the way, the majority of hospitals had to buy on their own.

-When we started the reform, no medical institution in the region, except the regional hospital, did not receive money for the purchase of computers and systems, – said Natalia Avramenko. – It all rests on the shoulders of our patients. Computers and system were bought by charities. And along with this, the national health service of Ukraine (NSTU) requests to allocate additional money for the purchase of a computer system. I would like to have the money allocated not only NSSU, but each medical institution, which has a contract with her.

Remain after work

Failures of MIS inconvenience to many specialists of the Zaporozhye hospitals. In order to improve the situation, the doctors are trying to enter data into the system after hours.

-We have doctors come to work at 7am to fill out the history and stay to work after 17.00, – said Natalia Avramenko. – The doctor has the right after the working time to rest, to learn. Instead, it deals with what drives the data in our medical information system.

Another problem with the new system – financial. The basis for the second stage of reform was the idea of “money follows the patient”. That is, the doctor gets paid for the number of treated cases or admissions.

Often the doctor can’t bring in even half of the patients that were treated he – said Natalia Avramenko. Respectively, when they conduct the counting of patients, the number would be much smaller.

Even worse situation is in small towns and villages in Zaporizhia region.

Often patients come from the villages with the areas in which a lot of mistakes, – said Natalia Avramenko. Our doctors get to communicate with their family doctors to alter these areas. This creates many inconveniences both patient and doctors.

Запорожцам приходится долго ждать под кабинетами узких специалистов

Запорожцам приходится долго ждать под кабинетами узких специалистов