The Cossacks said, is it possible to beat allergies

Запорожцам рассказали, можно ли победить аллергию

The Cossacks told us how to live a full life with allergies

In Zaporozhye held a major panel discussion on “Allergic TO Life: it is impossible to treat love”. It was organized by public organization “Ecosense”. The event was attended by the allergist Svetlana Nedelsky, psychiatrist Anna Pristova, chemical engineer Mikhail Zavgorodniy, psychologist Natalia Zaikina, social activists and people who had to deal with allergies in various forms.

According to the cofounder of public organization “Ecosense” and organizer of the panel discussion, Victoria Sokol, there are different opinions, what is Allergy. Some believe that this is a disease where you just need to learn to live. Others say that it is not a disease but a functional disorder in the immune system, which we are still learning to control and adjust. There is the view that Allergy is psychosomatic, so a healthy mind ensure a healthy body.

Allergy to ragweed suffer nearly half of the Cossacks

According to the allergist Svetlana Nedelsky, in the Zaporozhye region 40% of adults suffer from allergies to pollen, in particular ragweed. Allowable content of pollen of ambrosia – 500 grains in one cubic meter of air. In Zaporizhia, the average is 22 to 28 thousand. In addition to ragweed allergies cause more fungal spores and their concentration in the air exceeds the concentration of ragweed pollen in two times. Moreover, unlike ragweed, fungal spores are in the air almost all year round.

Another common type of Allergy – food. It affects 80% of patients. Most often, this diagnosis is children. But, at the same time, the diagnosis of “food Allergy” is often incorrect. For example, from 80 children with this diagnosis only 10 really are allergic.

– It so happens that I have a mom with a 6 year old who in 1 year was diagnosed with “food Allergy” and forbade the eating of eggs, bread, sweets, to drink milk. We conduct sample – and it turns out that I’m not allergic. So always consult a specialist.

Factors influencing the development of allergies:

  • heredity
  • frequent contact with the allergen
  • household and professional antigens-allergens
  • Smoking in the family
  • eating a large number of products that contain potent antigens-allergens
  • irrational use of antibiotics
  • the use of perfumes and toilet preparations

According to Svetlana Nedelsky, allergies, completely impossible to cure. A person can get when taking drugs, but after their withdrawal, the symptoms recur. Can be long-term remission for 5-10 years, during which the person feels normal, but once the symptoms can return again later.

Allergic is not a death sentence

– To cure Allergy is impossible, the global medicine while it can not, – said Svetlana Nedelsky. But, at the same time, Allergy is not a death sentence, you live with her and keep her under control. You can do sports and even to achieve Olympic records.

By the way, in Zaporozhye the advanced techniques in the treatment of allergies. For example, ASIT – allergen-specific immunotherapy, in which the human body is administered the allergen. Such therapy is carried out from 3 to 5 years, and it is not for everyone. But the results are really impressive.

Between psyche and somatic is there a connection

Relieve the symptoms of allergies will help and work with the therapist. So, the psychiatrist Anna Pristova believes that between psychic and somatic manifestations of the disease is always a connection. Therefore, patients should be observed in parallel and have a regular doctor, and therapist.

– We can’t completely remove the body’s reaction to something, but we can reduce it and get no attack. I have a child with the allergies. Once there was such case. I left and he started dermatitis. Apparently, the child was not allowed to Express their indignation about my departure. And the body responded that way, – has shared Anna Pristova. – Children often give different psychosomatic reactions. For example, the child can get sick if the family discord in order to “unite” parents or in response to the prohibition to Express any negative emotions.

Anna Pristova told that there are purely psychosomatic diseases, when a person has real symptoms (e.g., skin rash), but lab tests show nothing. Then sent a man to the psychiatrist.

Love won allergies

By the way, the organizer of the panel discussion, Victoria Sokol from personal experience knows how the right mental attitude can help you cope with allergies.

– With allergies I came in two points, – told Victoria Sokol. – In the second year of the Institute we went to the farm, and they gathered tomatoes in the field. There was a lot of ambrosia, and I developed polynosis with all the classic symptoms, hospitalization. Accordingly, work on the farm ceased. Then I spent several years treating this disease, I found not only allergic to ragweed pollen, but also on several other plants.

I was really interested in psychology and analyze what’s going on. And I came to the conclusion that it was very discordant with that in the second year we were sent to the farm. Because of this, and started Allergy.

I love the woods and plants. I’m a biologist, studied the properties of herbs and my diagnosis meant that I can’t get in touch with a lot of plants to go in the field and in the woods – he was restricting my lifestyle. For me it was very important. And my love for plants, forest, and field, in the end proved to be stronger than my protest, my polynosis. He began to weaken.

Yes, if I choose to give a bouquet of ragweed, I’ll react and I have to drink antihistamines. But, in principle, even the concentration of ragweed pollen that we have in Zaporozhye, does not cause me a reaction for many years, said Victoria Sokol.

“It sounds like science fiction”

– Another case was with a cat 7 years ago. I have a history of allergies to dander and theoretically I knew that with the animals to touch me. One day, I accidentally saw in the Internet a photo of the cat, and the ad with a request to help the shelter. The shelter I helped, and the cat fell in love at first sight and realized that not take it can not. I even went to a psychiatrist Anne Pricetool with a request to dissuade me, but it didn’t help.

I went to the Kiev, brought the cat. He was very sick. I bring it home and realize that dying – instantly runny nose, watery eyes, body covered with pimples. But I realized that no, this cat is not needed, and back I’m not taking him. A month or two I saw the drugs, that cat learned to communicate, and then the Allergy is gone.

Now he sleeps in bed with me. And only if he was very much rubbed on me, can the skin be red, but nothing more. I’m not suffocating as it once was. Here this phenomenon. It was seen by my friends.

I think I’m allergic to was on the level of psychosomatic aspects. I worked with a therapist, learned to take it all out. Sounds like science fiction, but it’s true, – shared Victoria Sokol.

Запорожцам рассказали, можно ли победить аллергию

Запорожцам рассказали, можно ли победить аллергию

Запорожцам рассказали, можно ли победить аллергию

Запорожцам рассказали, можно ли победить аллергию

Запорожцам рассказали, можно ли победить аллергию

Запорожцам рассказали, можно ли победить аллергию