The Cossacks want at public hearings to defend orthopedics 9-th city hospital

Запорожцы хотят на общественных слушаниях отстоять ортопедию 9-й горбольницы

At the session of Zaporizhzhya city Council once again raised the issue of reorganization in the 9th city hospital

Today at the regular session of the Zaporozhye city Council deputies appealed the initiative group of the patients in the orthopedics Department of the 9th city hospital. As reported by “Industriale”, in the Zaporozhye city hospital № 9 plan to merge the Department of traumatology and orthopedics. Because of this, the number of beds of the Department of orthopedics will reduce, but the quality of services they promise to leave at a high level, and the amount is not reduced.

Last session on behalf of the patients approached the deputies Lydia Krivenko with a request to investigate the appropriateness of this decision.

As a result, at the request of the mayor, the question of the reorganization considered at the meeting of the relevant Committee with all parties to the conflict. In the discussion took part Director of the health Department of the Zaporozhye city Council Viktoria Ushakova, the chief physician of hospital No. 9 Cyril Naranov, chief of the orthopedic Department of the hospital Igor Rudenko, other doctors and hospital patients.

Relevant conclusions the members of the Commission issued the report. However, the representatives of the initiative group was dissatisfied with the result.

– We still ask you not to close your eyes to this unique Department. To leave it is necessary in the 9th hospital. This must be done for our children and grandchildren, – said Lydia Krivenko.

She also reported that the patients of Orthopaedics to hold public hearings to hear the views of all concerned representatives of the community on the controversial issue.

Recall that the reorganization is a necessary measure, which is being held today in many hospitals under the medical reform.

Запорожцы хотят на общественных слушаниях отстоять ортопедию 9-й горбольницы