The cost of permits for amber areas has increased 90 times – Gosgeonedr

Стоимость спецразрешений на янтарные участки выросла в 90 раз - Госгеонедр

July 17, ended in an open electronic auction for two sections of amber in Rivne region – the cost of the lots, in comparison with the starting price rose in 37 and 90 times, respectively.

In particular, the price of land “Western RUB” has increased by 37 – fold to 12.6 million UAH, the price of land “West first” – has increased 90 times (up to UAH 29 million).

“Both the square was nominated for the auction of the subsoil, but on the basis of competitive competition won’t the companies that nominated them.

In the Service believe that due to the opportunity to compete fairly for the license on extraction of mineral resources, the results of the auctions it is impossible to predict, so the winner might not necessarily be the one who offers land for auction “, – stated in the message.

“Open electronic auctions allow to create conditions for a fair competitive struggle and we see a positive reaction from the market: auctions attract companies who are willing to buy special permits at the market price and invest in the Ukrainian production.

During the auction the price increases in the tens, hundreds and thousands of times, and this is direct revenues to the state budget “, – said the head of the State service of Geology and mineral resources Roman Opimakh.

In Gosgeonedr added that on July 17, the service has completed the fourth e-auctions to sell special permits for seven sites of bowels. The investors have offered the objects with the deposits of metallic and non-metallic minerals, amber and groundwater. The total value of sold licenses amounted to 98,3 million UAH.


The Verkhovna Rada on 19 December 2019, supported the second reading and in whole draft law №2240 on the settlement of mining. He, in particular, establishes criminal liability for illegal production and introduces a single permit for exploration.

Стоимость спецразрешений на янтарные участки выросла в 90 раз - Госгеонедр

The Verkhovna Rada