The cost of petrol at filling stations rose last week by 0.4-1.8 UAH/l

Стоимость автогаза на АЗС за неделю выросла на 0,4-1,8 грн/л

During 23-29 may, the average price of liquefied natural gas filling stations in Ukraine increased by 47 cents per liter, to 9.85 UAH/liter.

In may of autogas at filling stations rose by 1.37 UAH/l (16,2%), reports with reference to the data of daily monitoring “Nefterynok”.

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Stated that during the week OKKO and WOG increased cost at the gas station in Kiev is 40 cents per liter, to 10.59 UAH/liter.

Also, the cost has grown at a gas station operators in all regions of Ukraine.

In particular, the operator Avantage 7 raised the price of LPG at filling stations in Kyiv at 1.3 UAH/l to 9.55 UAH/liter.

1.2 UAH/l increased the price of capital stations “Belarusian Republican youth Union-Nafta”.

Network Glusco increased the price of LPG for 1 UAH/l to 9.95 UAH/liter.

In a network of Parallel gas for the week rose by 1 UAH/liter, to 10.79 UAH/liter.

The average price in the network BVS increased by 70 cents per liter to 9.99 UAH/l, and upg – 1.23 UAH/l to 9.94 UAH/liter.

In the Kharkov region of 0.9 to 1.18 UAH/l increased the price of U.S. stations GO, Marshal, Rоdnik – to 9.89-9,98 UAH/liter.

In the Southern region of the Nikolaev operator KVORUM increased the cost 60 cents per liter to 10.19 UAH/l, Odessa “Katral” – 1.8 UAH/l to 9.77 UAH/liter, Gas Point for 1 UAH/l to 10.99 UAH/liter.

Autogas in Ukraine will become more expensive – experts

At the gas station Green Wave in the Ternopil region of gas went up 40 cents per liter to 10, 20 UAH/l, and Rivne operator OLAS increased the cost by 1.1 UAH/l to 9.90 UAH/liter.

30-40 kopecks./l increased the price at the gas station Chipo in the Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk region, to 10.30 UAH/liter TA 10 UAH/liter.

Thus, from the beginning of may 2020 the average cost of petrol at filling stations grew by 16.2% (to 1.37 UAH/l) to 9.85 UAH/liter as of may 29. At the same time, the average price at the gas station during the month made up 8.82 UAH/liter, on the background of 9.54 UAH/l in April 2020.

It is known that the rise in prices at the gas station began in the second decade of may, after the beginning of growth of wholesale prices for imported gas, and increasing the cost of liquefied natural gas of Ukrainian origin.

According to importers, since the beginning of may, the price of imported batches of liquefied gas increased by 3-4 times c $100-150/ton to $300-400/t (excluding VAT and excise tax 52 Euro per 1000 liters).

The price of LPG has gone into growth

Wholesalers say the sharp increase is explained by the strong decline in world prices for LPG before, because the peak of the quarantine restrictions in the world because of the extraordinary epidemiological situation.

At the same time, now wholesale prices back to the level of the February-March 2020 and are likely to grow due to the increasing seasonal demand.

In may prices for bulk LPG, the auction for the sale of liquefied natural gas the largest Ukrainian manufacturer JSC “Ukrgasdobycha” – grew by 83.9 per cent with 9 160 UAH/l to 16 844 UAH/l (from 4.9 UAH/l to 9.03 UAH/l).

In may the company sold 2 831 MT of gas less than in April. The average price of 9 234 MT is 13 901 UAH/t ($327/t – without VAT, and excise tax 52 Euro per 1000 litres), which is 44% more expensive than the average for April is 9 631 UAH/tonne ($190/ton).