The Council will again look at the TV channel “112 Ukraine”

Нацсовет еще раз проверит телеканал "112 Украина"

The national Council on television and radio broadcasting appointed at the meeting of June 4 an unscheduled field audit of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“The results of monitoring broadcast, OOO” TRK “112-TV” logo “112 Ukraine”, 7 March and 21 March 2020 fixed signs of violation of the law “On television and radio broadcasting”, since the licensee reduced the minimum share of national audiovisual product”, – said at the meeting, the Executive Secretary of the national Council Yuriy Zinevich.

He said that under the license of the national product must be at least 24 hours in a day, that is 100% and in fact the proportion of 7 March amounted to 19 hours. 24 min., i.e., 81%, and March 21 – 22 hours. 26 min., that is, 93,52%.

Regarding the share of programs of own production, then license it should be not less than 19 hours. 19 min. a day, that is 80,49%, and in fact on 7 March, the share was 13 hours. 30 min., that is 56,73%.

The national Council members unanimously voted for the appointment of the TV channel “112 Ukraine” verification.

As reported, on April 23 the national Council had appointed an unscheduled inspection of “112 Ukraine” for broadcast on Easter Russian cartoon.

26 September 2019, the national Council did not extend the license five regional channels that rebroadcast “112 Ukraine” – “New format”, “Ariadna TV”, “TV Choice”, “Partner TV” and “Lider TV”.

Earlier, the national Council issued another warning, the five regional companies, which is broadcast with the logo “112 Ukraine”, from-for violations of conditions of licenses and certain software concepts broadcast.

Validation of the National Council, in particular, once again it was recorded that the broadcasters that have obtained licenses for the competition more than 4 years ago, had changed its own software concept and since then rebroadcast the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, even though they had very different obligations and had to provide local information that those regions which they were supposed to broadcast in accordance with their licenses.