The Council will check the TV channel that broadcasted the Victory parade in Minsk

Нацсовет проверит телеканал, транслировавший парад Победы в Минске

The national Council on television and radio broadcasting appointed at the meeting on Thursday unscheduled inspection of the TV channel “KRT” for broadcast May 9 the Victory day parade from the capital of Belarus.

“According to monitoring results of satellite broadcasting, OOO “TV Studio “ASTRA-TV”, city of Kiev, the logo “KRT”, 9 may 2020 recorded in the time interval from 11:00 to 12:04 live broadcast of the Victory parade, which was held in Minsk, Republic of Belarus, with signs of simultaneous broadcasting of the same programs, with the screen at the same time two logos – KRT s (TV channel “STV”, city of Minsk)”, – said the Executive Secretary of the national Council Yuriy Zinevich.

He added that a comparative analysis of the programs shows that the broadcast of the Victory parade was launched simultaneously at 11:00 on the Kiev and Minsk time. At the end of the broadcasts on both channels were recorded placement of the same copyright Belteleradiocompany, 2020, and screensaver “1945 – 2020. The glory of total Victory.”

As noted Zinevich, relay of foreign programs broadcast “KRT” has the signs of violation by the licensee of requirements of the Law of Ukraine “About television and broadcasting” and their own licenses.

The meeting participants voted unanimously for the test channel.