“The course I considered the old” Maria Kravchenko gets the third degree

«На курсе я считаюсь старой»: Мария Кравченко получает третье высшее образование

Actress and participant in the show “Comedy Women” Maria Kravchenko gave an interview to the magazine OK&33;, which talked about the third higher education, its role and plans for the future.

For 15 years the actress know how Masha Kravchenko Comedy of Women. However, in reality it is quite different. In an interview Maria said as born image the same combat Kravchenko.

“Part of the image is removed from my childhood friend Sasha. She was then nicknamed the Goat. She was tough but fair. Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where we lived, was a city of crime. In school I had to walk through the wasteland, which have repeatedly committed rape. So dark when I left the house or came back, my one hand was a butterfly knife and the other with a Mace. In General, the classic history for a city in the 90s. But Sasha wasn’t afraid of anything. Said: “Yes, you take away your knife, you tell them anyway, no pierce, just scratch it”. She often walked me home. I was with her a couple of times went to the arrow. We met: Sashin (ninth) class scored our tenth arrow. I like the Queen of diplomacy, send it all to resolve (laughs), and it so happened that we were opponents. After that Sasha and friends”.

Comedy About Women

“In order for the project to live, viewers need all the time to surprise. And now you have to understand that we can give further and whether we want this. Whether it’s commercially profitable, and as funny.

And ideally it should be funnier than it was. Therefore, at this stage of television the project is frozen, but our touring stops. It is clear that in this situation, a part of the performances was postponed, but soon, I hope they will resume. And believe me, at concerts, our fans get a boost of energy which does not transmit or through a TV. Directly power, as they say. (Laughs.) I discover new horizons and facets of the acting profession. And Masha that I know Women in Comedy and that is with me fifteen years, she’s not going anywhere. It’s a huge chunk – almost half – of my life. I now say, I have goosebumps. I never thought that this will be a two-digit number”.

About a third of the higher education

“The first education I am a teacher of English, according to the second advertiser. And now actress. Graduate of the Theatre Institute named after Boris Shchukin. Have to pass last session. Yesterday Zoom was the examination of the history of Russian literature. I got a ticket “Lyrical hero in the works of Alexander Pushkin”.

“Here is a little bit different kitchen. This is the classic school, and I thought it would be interesting and useful to her master. Yes, ideally a woman need to get to 16. But at 16 I didn’t get in. When my mother arrived to Moscow, all places on a budget were already occupied. And we decided to pay 3 thousand Euro for the training, which is not the fact that will pay off in the future, not really cost effective. I went to another University, but I see what happened. Then not received, and now have some free time, and she suggested: “Try&33; Go – go. Do not go – you will live as he lived and, in principle, in your life nothing will change.” And I tried on a common basis passed all three rounds plus the Colloquium”.

“The course I am considered old. Although there are older. But it’s men, and they can be. And I, as a woman in years, played in the graduation performance of the trilogy Rybakov’s “children of the Arbat” Sofia A. Pankratov, mother of the main character. But when we passed the sketches to the images, even before the quarantine, the Chairman of the Department said: “little young, you have a mother.” It was my personal victory&33;”.

About the role

“Everyone thinks this is a distinguishing character. But the Pike I immediately said, “of course, in the Comedy here, you have no equal, but you come here for others.” In General, it turned out that I also plastic actress. (Laughs.) That is, can and cry. To force the other to cry”.

About family roles

“When we are together with my husband, I told him: “I cut off his head. Now come on all of you. Lead me. Control”. This is the case, when every strong woman wants to be weak. And me next to the Bones I want to be just a woman, not the Almighty, who makes, solves the problems of the parents and in everything and everywhere. But it is a very short-term state. (Laughs.) Usually. I he says something, and I said, “Yeah, I know. Know. Know”, until he explodes: “what do you know&33;”.

«На курсе я считаюсь старой»: Мария Кравченко получает третье высшее образование

«На курсе я считаюсь старой»: Мария Кравченко получает третье высшее образование

«На курсе я считаюсь старой»: Мария Кравченко получает третье высшее образование