The court allowed the appeal “Teams”, the club will not be excluded from the Champions League journalist

Суд удовлетворил апелляцию "МанСити", клуб не будет исключен из Лиги чемпионов-журналист

Суд удовлетворил апелляцию "МанСити", клуб не будет исключен из Лиги чемпионов-журналист

Earlier this year UEFA has suspended Manchester city from the Champions League for two seasons. The club spent a long time preparing the appeal and soon will know the official decision.

As reported in his Twitter journalist, a former BBC Radio Manchester Ian Chisman, court of arbitration for Sport may grant an appeal Manchester city.

If disqualification of the bulls will remain in force, then a place in the Champions League from England after a season-2019/20 will be given to the team that takes the final fifth place in the national championship.

What is to blame for Manchester city?

In may last year, the Investigative chamber of UEFA on financial monitoring of clubs announced the failure of “citizens” rules for the registration of players and financial fair play.

The reason for the investigation UEFA Football steel materials Leaks, which at the end of the 2018 published secret internal documents to man city, which told of the machinations to circumvent financial fair play.

Football Leaks cited documents, which contain information, in particular, that “the city” 2012 worked in “the scheme” with which the club copied the expenses of the club for the outsourcing to other companies, hiding information from the auditors of UEFA.

In total, according to the German magazine Der Spiegel, “Manchester city” in 2014 broke the rules of financial fair play to 188 million euros (167 million pounds).

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