The court case against Kolomoisky in London for $ 2 billion became known, when will the hearing on the merits

Суд против Коломойского в Лондоне за $ 2 млрд: стало известно, когда состоится слушание по существу

A hearing on the merits in the High court of London lawsuit against the former owners of PrivatBank Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov to lifting almost $ 2 billion will take place in 2021

As noted in the press service of the Bank, it is expected that in preparation for full consideration of the case against Kolomoisky, Bogolyubov and six companies in the High court of London, the individual defendants will provide feedback on the claim at the end of next week.

“Other dates at the following stages of the proceedings in the London court is not yet established.

In the next few months will be a procedural hearing at which the court will give guidance on further trial, but the specific date for this has not been established. Hearings in essence will likely take place in 2021, ” said the financial institution.

According to Kroll, in General the former owner of PrivatBank taken out of the Bank until its nationalization $ 5.5 billion.