The court chose a measure of restraint for former head of the Department NCIKU in the “Rotterdam+”

Суд избрал меру пресечения экс-начальнику отдела НКРЕКУ в деле "Роттердам+"

Taras Revenko, who headed the Department of the Commission, is suspected of involvement in the development of the formula “Rotterdam+”

On Monday evening, August 12, the court chose a measure of restraint for another defendant in the case “Rotterdam+” – former head of Department of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the energy and utilities (NCSECU). About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the broadcast of “channel 5”.

We are talking about Taras Revenko, who held the position. In court, prosecutors Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) stated that the suspect Revenko of involvement in the development of the formula “Rotterdam” in 2016.

It is noted that the prosecutors petitioned to take the suspect into custody for 60 days or bail of 5 million UAH. The amount of bail prosecutors SAP explained the harm that was caused to the state – say about 19 billion hryvnia.

Lawyers Revenko said that the suspicion is baseless. Besides, according to the defense, the prosecutors did not provide the decision of the District administrative court of Kiev, court of appeals, which have recognized the formula legitimate and economically justified.

The court did not satisfy the requirements of the Prosecutor’s office, but laid on Taras Revenko certain procedural obligations. In particular, he has until October 10 to leave the limits of Kyiv without the permission of the investigation and to report to enforcement agencies on demand and to refrain from communicating with the workers NKREKP on the circumstances of the case.