The court continues: it was revealed a new scandal in the division of property of the deceased Maranova

Суд продолжается: вскрылся новый скандал в разделе имущества покойного Марьянова

The widow of artist he wants to Rob his elderly father of the house.

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The hype around the heritage of Dmitry Marjanova does not subside. It turned out that his widow Xenia BIC intends to claim the house in which he lives 81-year-old father of the actor. But in determining the value of the property, she suddenly decided to evaluate the neighbor’s house, which is much more expensive.

Ksenia said that she didn’t trust carried out an early review and will make its own, independent. However, she made a mistake with the room of giving and appreciated the new building, area of which is larger in size.

Dmitry formalized the relationship with the native of Kharkov Kseniya BIC in 2015, and in 2017 the artist did not. After his death began a protracted trial on the division of property. The heirs of the three: the elderly father of the actor, the widow and only son Daniel, writes the edition “the Interlocutor”.

The house in question was built by Baranovym in 2010, the Land bought in 2005, the Country Dmitry was worth together with his brother – it was intended for parents, but in 2005 the celebrity mother died, and since then live in the house of one father.

Due to the lack of time the property is issued to property only in 2016 in order to speed up the process, only the owner is Dimitri. The man was in the Prime of life and not even thinking about death. But fate decreed otherwise. A year later he dies, and the place of residence of an elderly father becomes the object of litigation.

Thus, the widow of star Ksenia said that she was directly involved in the construction of the house, and since it is decorated in the property during the marriage, she is entitled to the marital share. The woman decided to conduct an independent examination, to determine what money can count. However, it turned out that “participating” in the construction of woman does not even know the house number of the parcel.

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