The court did not allow Trump to lift the ban on oil production in coastal waters of Alaska

Суд не разрешил Трампу снять запрет на добычу нефти в прибрежных водах Аляски

The Federal district court in Alaska invalidated the decree of the President of the United States Donald trump to lift the ban on oil production at offshore fields in the coastal waters of this state in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans. This was reported Saturday by Bloomberg.

The ban in question was imposed 44th US President Barack Obama in order to protect the environment. Trump in 2017, issued a decree lifting the ban. I am opposed to environmental organizations. They filed a lawsuit against the US administration.

Judge Sharon Gleason on Friday ruled in favor of the representatives of environmental organizations against the US administration. The resolution emphasizes that the decree trump “is illegal and beyond the powers of the President.” Gleason emphasized that the existing laws allow the U.S. President to impose a permanent ban on the development of oil and gas fields in the country, but do not remove it.

The administration has the right to challenge this decision in court of higher instance. The Agency notes that to lift the ban could Congress, however, this seems unlikely, since the House of representatives is currently under the control of Democrats. They lobbied for a new ban on oil production, not their withdrawal.