The court extended the blogger Republic the Deposit of 3 million and the obligation to wear an electronic bracelet

Суд продлил блогеру Барабошко залог в 3 млн гривен и обязательство носить электронный браслет

The court upheld the measure of restraint blogger Alexander Republic, WH ICH appeared in the case about the organization of a sex scandal involving student Natalia Boreyko and the first Deputy chief of Department of protection of economy of Ukraine Alexander Varchenko.

On 24 January, the Pechersky district court of Kyiv extended the bail of 3 million UAH, and the obligation to wear an electronic bracelet for blogger Alexander Barabashka. He said this on his page in Facebook.

“Today was another court, which I extended for another 2 months Deposit, 3 million UAH and wearing an electronic bracelet with the inability to leave the city of Kiev”, – said the blogger.

In turn, the lawyer of the Republic Andrei Smirnov said in Facebook that he asked the court to reject the Prosecutor’s petition.

“The Prosecutor reads the request for renewal is assigned to Sasha procedural obligations. Asking the court to keep the document without consideration as unintended Criminal procedure code. Well, there is no separate application forms… in Simple words the court considered the law of unintended motion and made a decision about which he was not asked, not requested and which is not subject to any extend,” wrote the defender.

7 Nov 2018 Facebook began to spread the post student Natalia Buraco, where she complained of threats from the first Deputy head of Department of protection of economy of Ukraine Alexander Varchenko, which, according to her, were familiar virtual. The interlocutor, who called himself an influential law enforcement officer, wrote that in case of refusal from the sex she and her relatives can cause problems.

Varchenko said that his family started an information attack, and that hackers have created a fake account with his photo. The wife of a policeman, Deputy head of the state Bureau of investigation’s Olga Varchenko, suggested that the true aim of the provocateurs is it.

8 Nov page Buraco there was a post with an apology. “I had no reason to believe that I was threatened, it was Alexander Varchenko, not someone else” – she wrote.

Later, Boreyko told the newspaper “the Country” that use of its account in Facebook she promised to pay 1500 UAH, but money is not received.

29 November in the case, the police detained the spin doctor Vladimir Petrov, the court released him under house arrest. The case also featured bloggers Vasily Crutches and Republic, in which searches were conducted. November 30, the court arrested the Republic until 29 January. On 3 December he skipped bail in the amount of 3 million UAH, and the next day he came out of jail Lukyanovka.