The court “forgave” who stole 5 billion Alexey Omelyanenko 93 million bail

Суд «простил» похитившему 5 миллиардов Алексею Омельяненко 93 миллиона гривен залога

Election “humanism” of the Pechersk district court of Kyiv has provided a huge discount of 93 million hryvnia for Alexei Omelyanenko, in 2008-2010, the former Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSB “Ukrgasbank”, which is substantiated suspected of embezzlement of public funds in especially large sizes.

6 April 2019 infamous judge Vyacheslav Pidpaly (in respect of which the registered criminal proceedings on the fact of making a knowingly unjust decisions (article 375 of the criminal code) – the abolition of arrest from the accounts of the former Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov at the request of the defenders of the ex-officer) in the justice case No. 757/17942/19 decided to extend the period of remand in custody Omelyanenko 62 per month, but lowered the initial Deposit 96 million UAH. up to 3 million.

And already on April 9 the suspect safely left the detention center.

The amount of collateral become insufficient to cover the debt only a small part of the fictitious firms enterprising businessman to Ukrainian banks, which exceed 5 billion UAH. But apparently this is sufficient for his immediate release from custody. With all the ensuing consequences.

The reasons for this negative attitude of judges to the ex-banker, who caused billions in losses to the state, unfortunately, to find out so far failed.

Earlier pre-trial investigation found that during 2008-2010, the former Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSB “Ukrgasbank” Alexei Omelyanenko by prior agreement current at the time the head of one of the directorates of the Bank organized a scheme for the withdrawal of state funds to the accounts previously created under the control of a fictitious company by providing loan PA the amount of UAH 100 million and to further appropriation of specified funds.

He is suspected of fraudulent business (part 3 of article 27 part 2 of article 28 of part 2 of article 205 of the criminal code) misappropriation, embezzlement of property or taking to them by abuse of official position (part 3 of article 27 and part 5 of article 191 UK of Ukraine).

And, as a result, on February 22, 2019 decision of the Kyiv court of appeal in the criminal case No. 42016000000001183 he was remanded in custody to 10 April inclusive with possibility of bail in the amount of 96 million. And then a early discount…

However, according to this entrepreneur, for many years head of the faction “Party of regions” in Kyiv city Council, Kyiv courts demonstrate such humanism is not the first time a year ago he was arrested in the same case, also under a significant Deposit of 40 million UAH. – all then sharply decreased, which allowed the suspect to once again escape justice.

The benefit for the payment of small collaterals, exactly as to work with the judges, it is enough – before the media published the list of companies Alexey Omelyanenko and their outstanding debts to Ukrainian banks.

Суд «простил» похитившему 5 миллиардов Алексею Омельяненко 93 миллиона гривен залога