The court in Krivoy Rog left at liberty a man who stabbed a roommate ex-wife

Суд в Кривом Роге оставил на свободе мужчину, который ранил ножом сожителя экс-супруги

Zhovtnevyi district court of Krivoy Rog delivered its verdict in the case of grievous bodily harm. 19 March former spouse of Krivorozhsky invited to meet her new roommate. At the meeting he picked up the knife.

As reports a press-service of regional court, family proceedings between the men concluded that the defendant struck the victim with a knife in the chest, hitting a lung.

At the hearing the defendant admitted his guilt and requested him not to punish strictly. And the victim noted that he was compensated for material and moral damages, and asked the court not to deprive the accused of liberty.

As a result, the court found the accused guilty of the specified crimes and has appointed to it punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term of 5 years. At the same time, the court came to the conclusion about possibility of correction of the accused without punishment, and therefore made the decision to release him from punishment serving with a trial period 3 years.

The verdict has not yet entered into force and may be appealed to the Dnipro appeal court within thirty days from the date of its announcement.