The court in the Hague will investigate all the scenarios of the MH17 disaster

Суд в Гааге изучит все сценарии катастрофы МН17

The prosecution insists that the Boeing-777 was shot down over the Donbas region in 2014, a BUK missile, but the defense has been reviewing all of the possible causes of the tragedy.

The Dutch district court investigating the case of the downed over Donbass aircraft, will consider all versions of the tragedy. On Friday, July 3, reported Reuters.

It is noted that the way judges have satisfied the corresponding petition of the defense lawyers of the suspect Oleg Pulatova.

Until the next meeting, which will take place on 31 August, the investigating judge shall interview any additional witnesses, and protection of the Russian Pulatova needs to meet with his client because, according to them, previously prevented to make it COVID-19.

Among the possible scenarios include the following: flight over Ukraine was shot down by separatists with a missile a civilian plane was struck by mistake, or that it was used as a shield for military aircraft.