The court of appeals manger custody

Апелляционный суд оставил Мангера под стражей

The appellate court left under guards the head of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav manger, he is suspected of organizing an attack on Kherson activist Catherine Gandzyuk, reported by Hromadske July 13.

According to the publication, the complaint for custody was filed by the lawyers of the suspect. They believe that the suspicion is unfounded, and the case is fabricated.

“According to the defense, threats to one of the witnesses [Paul] Pilipenko, if there was, in the history of the robbery, the trucks with contraband cigarettes in 2014. But not because of the manger”, the site notes.

The defense noted that the recent Pilipenko was dismissed on the basis of agreements with the investigation. He was sentenced to 5 years conditionally with a delay of 3 years.

Also, the lawyers submitted an appeal from 40 deputies of the regional Council, and from the Boxing Federation with the request not to conclude manger, reports Hromadske.

On June 12 the Pechersky regional court adopted a decision on compulsory delivery manger to the meeting for election of a measure of restraint. The lawyers said that he cannot appear in court due to heart problems. The official was in a hospital in Kherson.

On the evening of 15 June, the court gave permission for the detention manger, and on the morning of 16 June he was brought from Kherson to Kiev. Within three days the court considered a prosecution motion to change the measure of restraint from bail to detention. The meeting was held behind closed doors.

31 July 2018 Gandzyuk doused with sulfuric acid near the entrance of her home in Kherson. She received chemical burns over 30% of the body acid got on the back, head, arm, and eyes. 4 November 2018 activist died.

At the beginning of June 2019 five perpetrators of the crime after a plea deal handed down convictions. They were sentenced to a term of three to six and a half years of imprisonment.

The consequence considers manger customer, a businessman with a criminal past Alexei Levin – the organizer of the crime. Raised suspicions according to part 3, article 27, part 2 of article 28, part 2, article 121 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (organization of Commission on preliminary arrangement by group of persons deliberate heavy injury by the way, the nature of the most extreme suffering, which led to the death of the victim).

The defense noted that the fault of the manger not proven anything except about “Tolstoy” which supposedly recalled Levin during a conversation with Torbin from the latter, and the primary impressions Igor Pavlovsky. Subsequently, however, Pavlovsky forgot about them.

The defense also noted that Pawlowski pressure in the detention center of SBU, and he has filed more than 10 applications on this account.