The court ordered the BONDS to pay a “savings” $68 million

Суд обязал УЗ выплатить «Сбербанку» $68 млн

The economic court of Donetsk region has satisfied the petition of the State Executive service and recognized the “Ukrzaliznytsya” assignee “Donetsk railway” – the debtor in Executive manufacture in which frameworks “Sberbank” charged ChRW $68 million.

“Ukrzaliznytsya” on July 27, stated that the Ukrainian “daughter” of Russian Sberbank restructured its debts for the sum about $200 million is due for repayment before the end of July.

As noted, the signing of agreements took place during the week, until date with the entry into force of the terms of restructuring after the adoption of the relevant decision by the national Bank. As specified, the restructuring carried out for a period of up to 3 years with an option for early repayment.

In June, the “Ukrzaliznytsia” reported that the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court recognized it as the successor of SE “Donetsk railway” from the date of state registration of joint stock companies – 21 Oct 2015. As noted by the company, this means that the BONDS be obliged to pay all the debts of the SE “Donetsk railway”, without receiving from the latter any property in the authorized capital (despite the fact that on the territory of ORDO – over 20 thousand freight cars TIES, almost 6 thousand cars of other owners, almost 6 million passenger cars and more than 300 locomotives).

As said BONDS, the estimated amount of the financial obligations of SE “Donetsk railway” to creditors in excess of 6.5 billion UAH, including before the “savings Bank” – UAH 3.5 billion, VTB Bank UAH 1.2 billion.