The court ordered the NAB to open a case on the fact of possible bribes gerasimyyuk

Суд обязал НАБУ открыть дело по факту возможной взятки Герасимьюк

Earlier, the NAB refused to open criminal proceedings due to the lack of objective evidence about the crime.

Solomensky regional court of Kiev on 26 June ordered the National anti-corruption Bureau (NEB) to open a case on the fact of possible bribery of the President of the national Council on television and radio broadcasting Olga Herasymyuk.

Thus, the court satisfied the complaint of lawyer Yury Zakharchenko, which pointed to the inaction of the Bureau about his statements.

It is noted that the plaintiff Yuri Zakharchenko in June, said in the NEB of bribery gerasimyyuk. Soon, the Bureau refused to open the proceedings, because Zakharchenko has not provided objective reasons about the crime.