The court ordered the President of Brazil to put on a mask

Суд обязал президента Бразилии надевать на людях маску

Brazilian Federal judge Renato Borelli decided that officials of state, including President Zaira Bolsonaro are required to wear a mask in public places. Violators, regardless of position, face a fine in the amount of 2 thousand Brazilian reais (about $ 400).

The famous “coved – dissident”, the President Bolsonaro representing the extreme right, has been criticized for defying its skepticism against the coronavirus, which in Brazil have died more than 50 thousand people. At the beginning of the pandemic, he said that Covid-19 – just a slight cold.

Meeting with supporters, he repeatedly appeared in public without a mask. At one of the meetings he was caught in the moment when he was coughing, not covering his mouth, in the other case, sneeze in his hand and immediately zdorovaemsya hands with an elderly woman.