The court sentenced five men lure in Kharkiv almost 1 million under the scheme “your son is in the police” – the Prosecutor’s office

Суд вынес приговоры пятерым мужчинам, выманивших у харьковчан почти 1 млн грн по схеме "ваш сын в полиции" - прокуратура

Kharkiv Kyiv district court sentenced the five men who lured money from Kharkiv scheme “your son is in the police”. This was reported by the press service of the regional Prosecutor’s office on February 27.

The men were convicted of fraud, re-committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons and attempted a similar crime (part 2, article 190 part 2 of article 15 of part 2 of article 190 of the Criminal code).

“For 2017, the scammers called on the landline numbers of Kharkiv and presented by the police. Pseudopersonality reported by victims that their relatives committed a crime and to avoid problems with the law, you must pay a certain amount. The money was taken in different configurations: sometimes for a specified amount came one of the attackers, in other cases via electronic transfer. One of the victims in General were forced to hide the money in a dumpster. In General, the fraudsters tricked Kharkiv for total amount about 1 million UAH”, – reported in Prosecutor’s office.

Two inmates at the time of the crime were incarcerated for other offenses, they will go to jail for additionally three years. Two more men sentenced to three years imprisonment with a probation period of two years and one to two years imprisonment with a probation period of two years.