The court will consider the case against the rapist ex-wife

Суд рассмотрит дело в отношении насильника бывшей жены

Ex-wife said her ex-husband.

In Kamin-Kashyrskyi district court of Volyn region bodies of preliminary investigation handed over the indictment against a local resident accused of illegal penetration into the dwelling, causing light bodily injuries and rape of his ex-wife.

As follows from the case materials, the defendant on the 24th of December last year, approximately at 9: 00, through the bathroom window got into the house of the former spouse. Attacking a woman in the kitchen, ex-husband knocked her down, and then, legs spread to the victim, and leaving her a mass of bruises, raped right on the floor.

Now the accused can be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years. If the victim and the accused were not previously married, then the maximum punishment the defendant would, if his conviction is two times softer.