The creation of a new Ukrainian weapons has caused panic in the Kremlin: “Fly to Moscow”

New weapons Ukraine is a serious concern for the authorities of the Russian Federation

In Ukraine there was developed a new powerful cruise missile. The secret of a new weapon lifted the head of the Center for army, conversion and disarmament, the military expert Valentin Badrak.

According to him, this is one of those psychological factors that would seriously affect the Kremlin’s policy in this area.

“This missile is being developed in Ukraine. Moreover, have been quite successful shooting, now everything is moving to the state tests. Here takes part the whole team of companies under the leadership, not afraid of the words has already been legendary Kyiv design Bureau “Luch”, which developed a portfolio of missiles,” – said Badrak.

He stressed that in the long term can appear and cruise missile greater range – up to 1500 km.

“…But in this case Ukraine would have to get approval from the International regime of control over missile technology, successfully negotiate on the international level. The Ukrainian side should be mix of work, need to use the podium of all international organizations, to use what little used” – explained the expert.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine has tested the BTR-4 with new buildings.

As regards the technical characteristics of APC, the level of protection that ensures this machine is one of the largest armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, standing on the armament of the armed forces.

This car is equipped with a combat module BM-7 “Parus” with a 30-mm automatic cannon, precision anti-tank complex “Barrier”, automatic grenade launcher and a machine gun. Thanks to the guidance of weapons with the help of modern digital complex, it is possible to achieve high accuracy of fire, including destroying enemy armored vehicles at a distance of 5 km.