The creators of Fallout 76 removed the ability to duplicate items and told about the sixth big update

Создатели Fallout 76 убрали возможность дублировать предметы и рассказали о шестом большом апдейте

To patch holes 76 Fallout, apparently, is not easy, but Bethesda was not going to give up – the developers have already released five major updates and is now preparing a sixth. The upcoming update will make it to the game next week, and while you can learn about what it will offer.

Recall that developer promise to release a full PvP mode in March, but as it turned out , Bethesda will be on your side and fans of PvE in the near future Fallout 76 will acquire new missions, events, challenges and other adventure content. Story elements will be introduced into the game gradually as part of a series of weekly updates of the “wild Appalachia”, which will last a few months.

But before the start of the “Wild Appalachia”, the creators of the game will make lots of other changes – all they tell can’t right now, but some of the most important decided to tell in the latest issue of blog “News from the Asylum”:

• A box for the rig will be able to accommodate 800 pounds – at the moment its capacity is only 600 lbs. Variety of stuff sometimes causes instability in the server Fallout 76, so the developers are trying to find optimal performance of portable players cargo.

• Automatic grenade launcher and the M79 grenade launcher will be a heavy weapon. The efficiency will depend on the ability of affecting this kind of guns – except for “Fan big guns” which will replace “Expert bomber”.

• The icons gamers will appear in a larger number of locations. Workshops will now be to show icons of gamers they belong to. Almost in a similar way this will work with turrets – in addition to the icon, users will see the name of the owner.

• In scene the containers during the events of “Feeding people” and “Path to enlightenment” will be stored exclusively to the objects for these tasks. Previously, players could accidentally drag one of these boxes its own equipment, but after the event things were lost forever.

• Players who accidentally damaged someone else’s platform C. A. M. P., will not be wanted. Now when applying the platform of any damage to gamers in addition to ads in the search, go into PvP mode. With the release of the sixth update accidental damage will no longer cause these effects.

Fallout 76 is not limited to major updates – smaller updates too, used to go to the game and make it a little more often. For example, today, of the entertainment were deleted items created with the help of duping – bug that allows you to duplicate things. About the problem of gaming forums cracked for quite some time.

In addition, the developers want to establish contact with the audience – for that they decided to hold a series of streams, which will answer questions and chat with the audience. The first stream should pass roughly 22 February from 22:00 to 23:00 Moscow time – to see her come out on Twitch and Mixer.

Создатели Fallout 76 убрали возможность дублировать предметы и рассказали о шестом большом апдейте