The creators of the fastest Japanese cars want to set a record Nurburgring

Создатели самой быстрой японской машины хотят установить рекорд Нюрбургринга

The Japanese company Aspark wants to set a new Nurburgring record for electric cars. To this end, it wants to use its own development – Owl hypercar, which can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in less than two seconds.

The debut of the prototype Aspark Owl held in 2017 at the motor show in Frankfurt. Dvuhdverka height of 99 cm and weighing 850 pounds was equipped with two electric motors with total capacity amounted to 435 HP and 764 lb-ft of torque. For their food were used not only for traction batteries, but also supercapacitors.

A year later, the company changed the specification and pre-production machine has received a four-engine power plant with a total capacity of 1166 forces and 885 Nm of torque. During the tests at the site in Tochigi Prefecture of elektrogitarre went from zero to “hundreds” for 1,921 seconds.

Now the record “Northern loop” in the class of electric vehicles belongs to the Chinese giperkara Nio EP9. It is equipped with four electric motors, in the amount of outstanding forces 1360 and 1480 Nm of torque, and can accelerate to “hundreds” of 2.7 seconds. Nurburgring the car did it in 6 minutes of 45.90 seconds, which is one second slower hardcore Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

Show the best time on the “Nordschleife” also intends Volkswagen. The company believes that their sport prototype I. D. R, setting a record “pikes Peak”, is able to improve the time Nio. Currently, Volkswagen is working to improve the aerodynamic of the car.