The creators show the police supported the protests against the police

Создатели полицейских шоу поддержали протесты против полицейских

Representatives of the U.S. film and television industry to actively support the protests that unfolded across the country following the murder of a police officer of African-American George Floyd.

Creator first full-length franchise “star trek” and the new trilogy of “Star wars” Jay Abrams have donated ten million dollars to the fight against racism. Then to the charity event and joined by other movie makers. In particular, the creators of the police series.

So, writer “Defective detective” Tom Sharpling besides being made a cash contribution, said that his show and most of the other cops has created a too positive image of the COP on the TV and ignored the sensitive issue of police sadism and racism.

Supported Sharpling creative team of the Comedy police series “Brooklyn 9-9”, whose members also provided funds to help the arrested participants held anti-racism demonstrations.