The Crimea in 2 times exceeds the national number of small and medium business

Крым в 2 раза перевыполняет нацпроект по количеству субъектов малого и среднего бизнеса

In the framework of the national project “Small and medium entrepreneurship and support individual entrepreneurial initiative” the Ministry of economic development of the Crimea is implementing 4 regional project, the press service of the Ministry.

So, during the implementation of the regional project “enhancing access of SMEs to financial resources including concessional funding” target of “Number of issued microloans microfinance organization” SMI amounted to 531 a microloan, the progress percentage is 101%.

Regional project “Promoting SMEs” aims to achieve two targets. In terms of “the Number of SMEs and self-employed people receiving support in the framework of the Federal project.” At the moment the actual value is cumulatively 7715 units. The figure exceeded 2 times.

On the “Number of SMEs that are included in the export with the support centers (agencies) coordination of support export-oriented centers (agencies) coordination of support export-oriented SMEs” performance is 68% of the planned value, or 17 units, which is a good achievement, given the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection and the closure of borders with other countries.

In the framework of the regional project “Promoting entrepreneurship” the performance indicators varies from 27 to 81 per cent, on the implementation of the project also influenced the spread of coronavirus infection.

In the framework of the regional project “Improvement of conditions of business activity” target not provided. On 23 July in the Republic was 3.6 thousand of taxable professional income.

The Minister of economic development of the RK Dmitry Shirako concluded that currently the risks and problematic issues on the implementation of regional projects in the field of SMEs no.