The crisis is not an obstacle: in Ukraine, a record will raise rates

Кризис - не помеха: в Украине рекордно поднимут тарифы

Housing prices in Ukraine from August 1, will be higher in the graph of electrical supply. The national Commission carrying out regulation in the energy and utilities, from August 1, 2020 will increase the rate of NEK “Ukrenergo” for the transmission of electricity by 54.6%. The corresponding decision was made that the company could get the money to repay debts to manufacturers of “green energy”, reports RBC-Ukraine, the press service of the national Commission.

Moreover, it is indicated that the first rate would increase 2.1 times – to UAH 327,97/Watt-hour, and the initial suggestion was to bring it to 604,51 UAH/Watt-hour.

As noted, the opportunity to reduce the tariff came through the NEK plans to take loan money from international financial organizations, which will prevent immediate loading on consumers and simultaneously pay off debts in accordance with the agreement signed between the government of Ukraine and “green” Memorandum.

Earlier, the acting Minister of energy of Ukraine Olga Bukovec said that instead of a number system, effective measures to solve the crisis in the energy sector NKREKU offers simply to raise the tariff of the NPC “Ukrenergo” several times, which is inefficient. Some experts have already expressed the opinion that in connection with increase of tariffs, more and more Ukrainians will not be able to pay my bills.

It should be noted that the debt of the population on payment of housing services has remained at about 60 billion UAH, and in the heating season it is much more. By the end of may 2020 the population debt for housing and communal services? UAH 59.9 billion.

Earlier we wrote that until 1 October this year all debtors need to repay or restructure its debt. In Rada registered a bill that proposes the Ukrainians, who have debts for utilities, deprived of the right to drive a car, travel abroad, use of weapons and go hunting.

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