The crooks robbed a Moscow pensioner at seven million rubles

Мошенники обчистили московского пенсионера на семь миллионов рублей

Speculators had lawyers and it was their fee for “consultation”.

A good lawyer costs good money, but the elderly Muscovite did not expect that he will have to pay for consultation seven million rubles. Fraudsters cleverly robbed unsuspecting pensioner and immediately managed to extract from him eighty thousand. However, these pseudo-lawyers is not limited. They made the victims of their fraud to make several similar transfers and eventually accumulated in the seven figures. About the incident, told journalists the official representative of the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk. Previously, criminals were active at the office on the street Running. There law enforcement officers detained two men and a woman. Office seized several mobile phones and computers with the database on the citizens.

The detainee was charged with “Fraud” and was taken into custody. At the moment a criminal case is opened. It remains unknown how a simple pensioner was seven million roubles, and on what issues he wanted to consult.