The Curiosity Rover went to the “summer journey”

Марсоход Curiosity отправился в "летнее путешествие"

Марсоход Curiosity отправился в "летнее путешествие"

Curiosity Rover, which is now studying the red planet’s surface sent to “summer journey” to the next destination. For this it is necessary to drive about one mile (around 1.61 km).

Next stop Curiosity – is an area on mount sharp that contain sulfates, reports

On Earth, these raw materials are formed by water within the evaporation of water. Therefore, journalists joke that the Mars Rover went on vacation.

Why is it important

In fact, the study of this region on Mars is very important. The collected data can give the opportunity to better understand the climate of Mars and its prospects for sustaining life.

2019 Curiosity is exploring is rich in clay environment of mount sharp. In particular, the device transmits information to the scientists about whether there was previously in the liquid medium of life, such as ancient microorganisms. Now, the Rover will leave rich in clay environment. To reach the destination, it needs to go around a sandy surface. The main challenge is to not get stuck in it.

NASA expects the Rover will arrive to the destination in the fall. Although this is “summer travel” may take a little more time if the team on the Ground decides to stop and collect samples along the way.

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