The curse of the series “Capercaillie” continues to operate: just another victim

Проклятие сериала «Глухарь» продолжает действовать: еще одна жертва

For a long time many people say about the curse of actors who played in the popular TV series “Capercaillie”

The first time this talking out loud about 7 years ago, when life had started to leave the actors who played in the famous telesave.

Now there’s a new victim. Fortunately, the actor is alive and well. Alexandra Borovikova robbed in the capital of Russia Moscow. And pickings stranger the person, the actor himself has let in the house.

59-year-old Borovikov, known to viewers of the television series “Chaos”, “Grouse”, “Brothers in exchange” became the victim of a robbery.

According to the actor, the offense could make the stranger he 22 Jun himself let into the house to feed and assist.

However, the actor later discovered the theft of mobile phones. Borovikov went to the police. To comment on the incident, he refuses.

It is unknown if the Moscow law enforcement to find the thief.

As we wrote earlier, the actors who played in the popular Russian TV series, dying one after the other in tragic circumstances. The latest victim of the series “Capercaillie” was Alexander Kuznetsov, he died on the morning of 6 June. The actor was 59 years. The exact cause of death not reported, but in 2014 it became known that Alexander found cancer.

The first victim of “Grouse” is Vyacheslav Titov, who performed in the series the role of a drug dealer Shilkina. In December 2011, the eve of the New year, the actor was killed, on his head was a plastic bag.

Then died Anatoly Encouraging. Frozen actor was discovered on January 29 on one of the bus stops in Mytishchi. It was established that the death was caused by alcohol poisoning, as well as from potent medicine. He had been robbed, but the help of passers-by did not have. The actor left a pregnant wife.

After him died Sergei Eroshkin, who “lit up” in the “Grouse” in a cameo role. The actor died in mid-March 2012. At this point he was in the house of his parents. He died in the explosion of stun grenades, although experts argue that this explosion may not kill a person, but only to cause such harm as a temporary loss of vision or hearing.

In October 2018, actor Mikhail Fateev, fame which brought the role in the TV series “Capercaillie”, hanged himself in jail. Before that, he was arrested for sexual abuse of 14-year-old boy.

On the night of 21 February heart stopped Russian actress Darya Egorycheva. Since 2012, the actress struggled with a serious illness – she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Egorycheva endured several operations and chemotherapy, but the treatment did not give a proper result.

Another actor “Grouse”, which is almost taken your life, it is Andrei vorojeikin. He was attacked, but doctors were able to deliver him up to the ICU on time.

Проклятие сериала «Глухарь» продолжает действовать: еще одна жертва