“The customs border on the island of Ireland should not be”

"Таможенной границы на острове Ирландия быть не должно"

The Minister for foreign Affairs of Ireland Simon Couni in an interview with Euronews the Sean Murray said that his country insists on the inclusion in a Treaty on “breccia” the point of non-appearance on the island of Ireland customs border:

“If the EU can not reach an agreement with London, then the implications are so huge and negative, and primarily for the UK and Ireland, I am confident that the agreement be signed. I have no doubt that the team itself Barnier Michel Barnier agreed on the agreement, which will correspond to the declared goals totally make sense.

Due to the fact that the United Kingdom intends to withdraw from the customs Union and the common market, due to the fact that they are going to sign bilateral trade agreements with various countries of the world, because of their positions, we must insist on receiving guarantees for the protection of our island and on it the two existing jurisdictions. We must ensure the preservation of all that has been achieved over the last 20 years since the start of the peace process, namely, unimpeded Commerce and stability in the relationship between people living on both sides of the border. “Brakcet” should not apply this procedure any harm.

Our main goal is the inclusion in the Treaty on Britain the point about maintaining the status quo on the border. And its action should not be limited in time. He needs to stay in action for as long as we agree on something better. With regard to the question whether the spread this item, for the whole of great Britain or not, in this I trust the team completely. They must help the British in the limits of their capabilities. But Michel Barnier also need to think about the interests of the common market and the customs Union”.

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